Aqueon Pro Heater

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Aqueon Pro Heater


  • Precision calibrated aquarium heater boasts durable construction 
  • Shatterproof aluminum-core aquarium heater is fully submersible
  • Electronic thermostat ensures accurate aquarium temperature settings 


Aqueon ProHeater ensures safe, easy and precise temperature control of your aquarium. Its power monitor light lets you know when the unit is heating (red) and when it has reached the set temperature (green). You'll never have to guess whether it's working or not. Precision calibrated heater with electronic thermostat features reliable temperature settings from 68 to 88°F with an accuracy of ±1°F.


Aqueon ProHeater safety features include auto shut off when left out of water and automatic restart when placed back in water. Fully submersible heater is made of shatterproof plastic (no glass) and features an aluminum core that distributes heat evenly. Place fully-submerged, vertically or horizontally, in your aquarium with included suction cups. Large control knob makes temperature modifications easy in convenient 4°F increments. UL listed. Cord length is 6 ft. For freshwater or marine aquariums.


Wattage Aquariums
up to
50 20 gallons 8.5"
100 30 gallons 10"
150 55 gallons 13.5"
200 75 gallons 13.5"
250 90 gallons 15"


Directions for installing and using your Aqueon ProHeater

Caution: Before working with or installing heater, be sure to read and understand all safety instructions and warnings.


Step 1
Attach suction cups: Remove sticker around power monitor light. Attach suction cups to heater. Attaching both suction cups will ensure proper positioning in your aquarium and will allow adequate water circulation around the heater for even heat distribution. Suction cups should be placed in the middle to upper portion of the heater.


Step 2
Set heater temperature: Turn the adjustment knob until it corresponds to the desired aquarium temperature. As all aquariums vary, further adjustment may be required to maintain desired temperature.


Step 3
Heater installation: Install heater in water filled aquarium. The heater works best when installed in the aquarium in the vertical position. The installation of the heater in this position requires that the aquarium must maintain a water level above the minimum water level on the heater. The heater can be installed in the aquarium in the horizontal position. The installation of the heater in this position requires that the heater be positioned fully submerged in water at all times.


Step 4
Plug into electrical outlet: Allow for heater to be submerged in water for a minimum of 30 minutes prior to powering the appliance. Once heater has been mounted and submerged for the 30 minutes, plug the appliance into an electrical outlet. Once plugged in, the heater will automatically start working and the power monitor light will illuminate. A red light indicates the unit is heating and a green light indicates the unit has reached the set temperature.


Step 5
Adjust temperature: Allow the heater to run for 24 hours at the original setting prior to adjusting. Check the aquarium water with a reliable thermometer. Should the heater need to be adjusted from the original setting, slightly turn the adjustment knob + or - the number of degrees, as needed. Once adjusted, wait 24 hours and repeat if necessary. Note: Do not over adjust the heater, this may cause harm to your aquarium inhabitants and environment. Make sure of the required temperature for your specific setup.


Aqueon Pro Heater Review

When Marineland Stealth Pro recalled their heaters, I was lucky enough to have a local store who exchanged my two 200W and one 100W heaters for these units. I had done some digging and these were the only ones I found that were both submersible and shatterproof.

I have been using them since and have been absolutely happy with them.

What we need to understand about these heaters is they are not new. Several years ago, in the way back machine, before manufacturing shifted to China, Marineland Stealth Pro Heaters were the preferred heater for use in a tank containing large aggressive fish such as Oscars. Prior to the shift to Chinese manufacturing, the Marineland Stealth Pro heaters were known for quality and durability. Subsequent to their manufacture in China, they became exploding aquarium bombs resulting in a recall of every Stealth Heater made in the last decade.

Aqueon came in behind Marineland, enlisting the same factory in Italy who designed and built the original Marineland Stealth Heaters. The result is the Aqueon Pro Heater. These are, in fact, updated models of the original Marineland Stealth heaters. If performing a side by side comparison of the original Stealth's with the Aqueon Pro, this becomes obvious. Aside from the inclusion of a indicator light and an improved temperature set dial, the heaters are identical, all of the way down to the machining grooves on the bottom of the heater.

Below is a photo of the original (Italian made) Marineland Stealth Pro (Top) and Aqueon Pro (Bottom). Except for the updates, the heaters are identical.

Stealth Pro and Aqueon Pro Side by Side

 The Aqueon Pro Heater is currently my recommended heater for an Oscar Tank.


  • Heater maintains a very steady temp with low duty cycle.
  • Easy to use with accurate dials (I test my water temp with a good external thermometer and it is within 0.5 degrees of the temperature setting. I also like that there is always an indicator, red heating, green not.
  • Quality: These are solid dependable units, no glass.
  • Cost: Substantially less expensive than I expected, especially compared to other shatterproof products.
  • Shatterproof. Just like it's original father, the Marineland Stealth Pro, these heaters are virtually indestructible. Your fish cannot harm them.
  • Only time will tell, but the suction cups on these heaters are a bit different, with deeper cups. I'm hopeful these cups will last longer than others.


  • Is the habit of Marineland Stealths exploding a design defect or a manufacturers defect? I'm voting manufacturers defect as it would be highly unlikely that a well run company (as Aqueon is) would risk themselves by duplicating a Marineland mistake. There have been no reports of the Italian made Stealth Pros or of the Aqueon Pro's exploding, only the Chinese made Stealth versions. I trust these heaters.