AquaClear 110

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  • Versatile multistage power filter for superior filtration
  • Quick, easy, and convenient filter installation and maintenance
  • Filter comes with biomechanical filter foam and carbon media inserts

Superior filtering capabilities through triple filtration: biological, mechanical, and chemical. The size of the foam and carbon inserts offers large surface area to increase filtration capacity. The foam block can also be easily rinsed and reused to preserve the biological bacterial colonies. Patented flow control feature and media basket allow custom filter performance. Includes foam, carbon, and BioMax media. Foam media is custom cut to fit precisely, trapping dirt and debris. Carbon effectively removes dissolved organic compounds, medications, and dyes. BioMax allows growth of bacterial colonies to convert ammonia and nitrite to nitrate. 2-year manufacturer's guarantee.

Filter Size Tank Size (up to) gph
100 (20) 20 gallon tank 100 gph
150 (30) 30 gallon tank 150 gph
200 (50) 50 gallon tank 200 gph
300 (70) 70 gallon tank 300 gph
428 (110) 110 gallon tank 500 gph

AquaClear External Power Filter Manual

After purchase check the following: Inspect filter for visible damage. If motor does not start, make sure the impeller blades are moving freely on the magnet assembly.

Filter Insert Installation

The AquaClear Foam Insert must be installed in the media basket first. The foam block should totally fill the bottom of the basket and fill the chamber completely to the sides. There should be no space anywhere between sides and foam. Be sure to rinse the insert thoroughly before installation.


The AquaClear Carbon Insert is packaged in a nylon porous pouch over wrapped with a protective plastic dust sleeve. Remove dust sleeve, and rinse the insert to remove any carbon dust particles. To properly install the Carbon Insert, flatten the insert on top of the Foam block already placed in the filter basket.

AMRID removes harmful ammonia before it has a chance to build to toxic levels and stress aquatic inhabitants. AMRID can reduce some poisonous ammonia build up in a newly established aquarium, before nitrifying bacteria have populated enough to remove it naturally. Excessive feeding, overpopulation, and failure to remove decaying organic matter also promote the rise of toxic ammonia within the biosphere. Chloramine used in municipal water is a hazard for many fish. When chloramine is removed with a dechlorinator, ammonia is released into the water. AMRID helps to remove ammonia whenever properly conditioned new tap water is added to an aquarium during water change or top-up procedure.

To install the AMRID insert (C - graphic on previous page), rinse bag well to remove any fine dust created by shipping and handling. Flatten the insert and lay it directly on top of the Carbon insert in the filter basket. As with the Carbon insert, be sure that the entire surface area of the filter basket is completely covered by the insert.

Insert Maintenance

The AquaClear Foam, Carbon, and AMMO-RID inserts should be changed alternately in order to maintain continuous biological activity.

Never replace all filter media in any AquaClear filter at the same time.

Follow individual packaging instructions for proper replacement intervals. When rinsing an insert, it is best to rinse only in used aquarium water or lukewarm dechlorinated tap water to protect the bacterial population. This will ensure the least amount of disturbance to the biological filtration during standard filter maintenance. The filter inserts initially require several days to commence full mechanical filtering action. Bacterial cloudiness may occur during the first week of a new aquarium set up. Biological balance of a new aquarium should occur within the fourth to sixth week of operation. Established aquariums will accomplish biological filter balance within the second or third week of operation.

Operating Instructions

A) Inspect filter for any visible signs of shipping damage and verify that motor is securely fastened to filter case.

B) Install Filter Inserts.
NOTE: Be sure that the filter basket sits evenly on the supports at the bottom of the filter case.

C) Mount filter in the desired location on the aquarium, most often a power filter is installed at the rear of an aquarium. AquaClear MINI, 150 and 200: Filter must be level. If it is not, carefully cut the integrated leveling device protruding from the motor until the filter is vertical to the floor. AquaClear 300 and 500: Insert leveling device pin into provide opening on bottom of filter case. Adjust leveling device by turning to the required setting in order that the filter is level.

D) Install intake stem (adjustment control above impeller) and attach integrated strainer/siphon tube on aquarium side of intake. Add more than one intake tube if tank is deep. (Extra extension tubes may be ordered separately from their respective parts list.)

E) Fill AquaClear case with sufficient water to completely submerse the impeller cover.

F) Plug power cord into electrical outlet. Priming will take 30 - 45 seconds.

G) To change water flow rate, move adjustment control on intake stem to reduce or increase water intake.


Filter Maintenance

For optimum filter operation and efficiency, regular cleaning of the filter and its parts is recommended every two weeks. Media maintenance should follow individual packaging instructions of the separate media. If the filter is left unattended for too long, the filter materials become clogged with debris. In extreme cases, the filter basket may be forced up from the filter case due to the pump pressure. This is an indication that the efficiency of the filtration is very low and that the media requires immediate rinsing or replacement.

To clean the unit, unplug the filter. Remove cover. Remove filter basket and dump water remaining in case. Rinse collected debris from filter case, flow diverter, impeller and impeller well in clean lukewarm water. Soap or detergents are NOT recommended for filter maintenance.

Every three months the motor should be removed from the case and thoroughly cleaned. Remove motor by twisting it in the direction of the arrow on the motor. The motor should rotate 90 degrees. Pull motor gently down to prevent damage to filter case or motor guide.

The impeller shaft is permanently installed. Pull impeller out of impeller well. Rinse impeller and impeller well of accumulated slime deposits.

To prevent kinked seal ring, wet motor seal ring before inserting into filter case.

Filter Maintenance
Filter inserts should be changed at the intervals recommended on the individual packaging instructions. Rinse filter basket and inserts being reused. Never discard the entire contents on the filter basket. Alternate introduction of new media allows the established bacteria to migrate from the reused media to the new insert(s). This permits the biological filtration capacities of the AquaClear filter to continue to operate uninterrupted. The intake stem and extension tube can be cleaned with a filter stem brush to remove any buildup of deposits. After all parts have been cleaned and thoroughly rinsed, reassemble filter and replace in position an aquarium. Follow operating instructions to prime and restart filter.

NOTE: Do not use harsh detergents. Rinse well to avoid toxic residue.


Disconnect the plug of all the appliances inside the aquarium before putting any hand into the water. The supply cord of this appliance cannot be replaced; if the cord is damaged, the appliance should be discarded. This appliance has no user serviceable parts.


Aquaclear 110 Review


The Aquaclear 110 is one of the most, if not the most powerful HOB on the market. It moves 500 US gallons per hour and is rated for aquariums up to 110 gallons. This rating of 500 gph 'one ups' its big competitor, the Emperor 400 (which moves 400 gph). This feature makes the AC 110 an excellent mechanical filter.


  • The power of this HOB is unmatched. It moves a lot of water and is great for tanks that need a high turnover rate.
  • This is a large filter that holds a good amount of water and filter media. Its also not form fitted, so you can pretty much customize what you want to use as biomedia and floss.
  • The motor is removable from the filter on all Aquaclear filters. This makes for easy cleaning.
  • This is a reliable filter. I've had several for several years without a break down.
  • Availability. Aquaclear filters have come on strong in the past 5-6 years or so and are seemingly as common as some Marineland filters. You shouldn't have too much trouble finding one of these.


  • If your impellar happens to melt from running it dry, or become damaged from sand, most of the time these filters are still going to run. You might think this is a good thing... its not. The reason this is a Con is because they are so loud its unbearable. I had to toss two filters that were damaged from sand because they were just so noisy. They were still fully functional, but it was like running the vaccum and lawn mower... at the same time.
  • If you are looking for a filter that is a strong biological converter, this isn't it. It will still get the job done, but I think that Marineland Bio-wheel filters really fit that niche better than most.
  • This filter needs to be cleaned often. Due to the high over turn, (depending on what you use for filter media) it clogs rapidly. Clogs slow flow, and that defeats the purpose of having this filter.

Posted: 5 years 3 months ago by popss #5969
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new AC110 arrived today, took advantage of the Amazon sale for 64 bucks new and the 8LB of seachem matrix. time to do a little filter shuffling.
Posted: 5 years 3 months ago by toom #5724
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whitneygene wrote:
They go for about $400 here, Tom.

HOLY MOLY!! I buyed both for 500 euros with media :pinch:
Posted: 5 years 3 months ago by whitneygene #5716
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They go for about $400 here, Tom.
Posted: 5 years 3 months ago by toom #5715
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2 Eheim 1200XL never saw an canister with equivalent media hold, power use and GPH another great thing about that canister is that its super silent.

whats the common price for them at the US?
Posted: 5 years 3 months ago by popss #5710
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FYI ac110 are on sale at amazon for 64 bucks, already ordered one. hell of a good deal. gonna put on the 175. that will bring it up to 4k gph counting the under gravel pumps after i pull the 2 AC70ies and move them back to the Jag tank.
Posted: 5 years 3 months ago by kylestivers33 #5708
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I use two ac 110s on my 75 gallon and they work great. The only thing i had to modify was using some of the micron filter pad that drs. Foster and smith sell because the foam alone doesnt filter the smaller particals from your water but with my mod it keeps the water crystal clear. My ac 110s are now five years old never had to replace any parts.
Posted: 5 years 4 months ago by tom #4342
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AquaClear 70 HOB filters are rated at 300 gallons/hour.
We recommend HOB filters be capable of processing at least 10x the volume of the tank every hour.
You have 2 giving a total of 600 gph which is substantially short of what we recommend.
Your filters are sufficient for 600/10 = 60 gallons, so you need to provide enough to cover the remaining 65 gallons.
This would require 2 more HOB filters capable of 650 gph (or more) combined flow.
Your other option is to add a canister, but the math changes.
Canister filters are far more efficient and we recommend they be capable of processing 4x the volume of the tank.
That means you could get a canister rated for a minimum of 65x4= 260 gph which would cover your 125g combined with your existing filters.

Also as mentioned, we usually recommend you change a minimum of 50% of the water when nitrates hit 20 ppm.
Do you test your water?
If not, I strongly recommend you get a test kit like an API Master freshwater test kit.
This will allow you to test for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and PH.
This is valuable information when it come to the health of your pets.
Posted: 5 years 4 months ago by popss #4339
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I would add a canister filter. Eheim pro3 or what you can afford. long as rated for tank size. do you do water tests with a liquid test kit like API master fresh water testing kit?
Posted: 5 years 4 months ago by bskelton0907 #4338
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You are way underfilterd and water changes are 50% a week
Posted: 5 years 4 months ago by nucci455 #4337
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The 2 aqauclears in my 125 gallon tank are aquaclean 70.

Posted: 5 years 4 months ago by nucci455 #4336
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I have 2 AquaClear filters on my 125 gallon tank with under gravel filters with 4 power heads, I have 2 tiger Oscars, I do 10% water change, is this okay to keep my Oscars, please let me know.
Thank you, Nucci