Maybie changeing to SW

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Maybie changeing to SW

Postby DLLL » Thu Oct 18, 2012 8:09 pm

Well last night i was looking at my 35g just thinking of what i could do with it. I was thinking of mayby next year moveing out the FW fish into another tank and useing my 35 as a reef tank. The thing i am woundering is what are my stock options?
This would be my dream stock but i have a feeling its over stocked.
1 flame angel (as my center piece fish)
2 clown fish
and couple of small gobies
then the CC with shrimp,snails,crabs etc.
And a bunch of diffrent types of soft and mushroom corals.
I probably wont change it over to saltwater but its nice to think of what i could do if did :lol:
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Re: Maybie changeing to SW

Postby ~RuSh~ » Mon Oct 22, 2012 10:18 am

I think the flame angel and the pair of clowns would be a little too much. The clowns would pair up eventually and there would likely be some aggression between the pair and the angel. If you cut one clown out it would be much more doable.

You may switch someday. This is how it starts... you start picturing the tank as a salt tank and then one day, you break down and do it. :lthumb:
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