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TOPIC: Picture Posting Tutuorial (2012)

Picture Posting Tutuorial (2012) 5 years 7 months ago #163

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by Jon M

Uploading pictures to the threads can be a bit confusing if you are new to how the process works. In this article I will show you the easiest way to upload your pictures to the threads using Windows 7 and photobucket. Along the way there will be picture examples to show you what I’m talking about as I explain the steps.

Step 1.

First thing we need to do is set up a www.photobucket.com account. You can use the link I’ve just typed in this step and then click the “Sign up” button in the top right corner.

Step 2.

Once you’ve made your photobucket account and signed in, photobucket will automatically redirect you to your main album page. As you can see mine already has many pictures since it is not a new account. If you’ve made a fresh new account then you will see a blank album. Next step is to click the green upload button shown in the picture.

Step 3.

After clicking the upload button in step 2. You should come to the following page with a large “Select photos and videos” button in the center. Click the “Select photos and videos” button and a directory of your computer will come up. This is shown as window A. Use this window to go to the location on your computer where you have put the photo you would like to upload. Typically for a Windows 7 user, if you have stored your pictures in your pictures folder they will be located at Libraries\Pictures. If you’ve stored your picture on the desktop then you can simply click desktop from the side panel and select your photo. You may select the photo by double clicking it or hitting the “open” button in the bottom right of the window. Wherever you chose to store your photo, simply navigate to where it is and click the photo.

Note: you may select multiple photos to upload at the same time. If you choose to do so just click the first photo> then hold SHIFT key> then select the last photo of the group and it will highlight all the photos in between the two photos you just selected. In order to do multiple photos at once they do need to be in a sequential line, or order, from left to right or you may select photos you chose not to upload.

Step 4.

Once you’ve select your photo, photobucket will automatically start to upload it to your photobucket album. Once complete you will see a screen similar to this. If you would like to add a title or description to your photo you may choose to do so now. After adding any details you may choose to add click either one of the “Save and return to my album” buttons.

Step 5.

Once you are back at your album you should notice your photo has been added. Almost done! The next step requires you to place your cursor over the photo. Once you place your cursor over the photo an information box for the photo will pop up as shown in the picture. You want to copy the “Direct link” for your photo. Specifically you can just click the area that shows the direct link (marked with a blue star in the example) and photobucket’s nifty system should automatically select the entire link and copy it for you. Photobucket can be antsy at times, so if it doesn’t automatically copy it for you, you can simply right click it and select copy once you have it highlighted.

Step 6.

Good job so far! We are actually completely done with photobucket. Provided you still have the Direct link for your photo copied you may close photobucket (or put it aside in a separate tab on your browser) and pull up www.Oscarfish.com and your message you are trying to put your photo in. Now, click on the “Img” button shown in the example. This image button will make two brackets appear. One that says img inside it and another that says /img inside it. It will also put your typing spot right in the middle of the brackets. All you need to do is simply paste your Direct link for your photo between the brackets by holding CTRL and hitting V key, or right clicking the spot and hitting paste. Now you may Preview your message and make sure your image shows okay and at a decent size, and then Submit. Your results should show up like this!

Note: If your image is showing up so large you can’t see it all on one screen on your message you need to decrease the resolution on the photo. This can be done rather simply. Right click the picture on your computer and select open with, and choose mspaint. Once in mspaint simply hold CTRL and hit W. Once in resize go down to horizontal/vertical. You may click either of them and select something smaller like 50. It should select 50 for both once you input it in one of them. Then hit okay and see if that is a better size for your picture. If still to big, hold CTRL and hit Z to undo the changes and try something smaller. If too small CTRL+Z to undo and try something larger. I can’t give you an exact number for this since everyone’s pictures will be at different resolution sizes depending on multiple factors. If you need further clarification on resizing feel free to send me a private message.

Hope this helps anyone having problems and feel free to private message me with any questions, comments, or suggestions to make this guide better.
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