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TOPIC: Wet Dry Sump

Wet Dry Sump 5 months 2 weeks ago #72162

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Hello everyone,

I am building a wet dry sump for my 90 gallon Oscar aquarium. Right now I have the sump (submerged media right now) as the main filtration for the tank. The first modification I made was to the overflow in which I made a diy durso standpipe with a ball valve instead of an end cap. I have been doing a lot of research on how to make a wet dry sump and I realize that unless modified they suck when it comes to mechanical filtration and I am looking to fix mine by adding a filter sock to it. I was thinking about somehow incorporating it inside of the overflow box but im not quite sure how I could do it. Right now I was thinking of adding something that would allow the overflow to have all of the water flow through a 4" hole in which I could place the filter sock. However I think I would have to have another small hole that is slightly taller than the filter sock to act as an emergency drain in case the filter sock got completely jammed. Could this design impact the flow rate and mess up the durso? Im really trying to avoid buying a filter as I can get bio balls for the wet dry really cheap and I already have the sump. Is there any other way to add mechanical filtration to a sump?

Thank You,
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Wet Dry Sump 5 months 2 weeks ago #72167

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Is your intake siphon based?
I have also researched on the subject of diy sumps, moving beds, and wet dry systems. I never thought of a filter sock in the overflow box.
Your idea might work and I'm guessing that no matter where you have the sock installed to the intake pipe ( top or bottom) it will slow the flow the by the same amount.

My designs have the filter sock underneath in the sump attached to the end of the pipe. Then the water goes under a baffle (through heaters) and up in which it falls through the media.

I can attach pictures but not anytime soon. Going on vacation Tuesday through Sunday :thumbs:

Hope this helped.
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