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TOPIC: What to feed my oscar fish

What to feed my oscar fish 8 months 1 week ago #71860

  • Fish345
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I would like to know what to feed my oscar for the whole week like pellets 2 days feederfish 1 day. Stuff like that
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What to feed my oscar fish 8 months 1 week ago #71861

  • Northstar5
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A quality cichlid pellet should be the staple. Freeze dried treats like krill, shrimp couple times a week. Live food like earthworms, crickets, mealworms go into the treat category. Feeder fish NEVER!! Fruits and veg if the fish will eat them. How about some info on your fish, tank, filtration etc? The more info you offer, the more help and advice will come your way. For example, a small Oscar of only a few months old will eat very different than a 6yr old adult
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What to feed my oscar fish 8 months 1 week ago #71863

  • beretta96
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Fish345 wrote:

Regarding feeder fish...there are essentially two issues when it comes to feeding Oscars live fish.
1. Diseases/parasites
2. Nutritional value

Any disease/parasites the feeder fish has will be transferred to your Oscar. Setting aside the well being of your Oscar, you will create a lot more hassle for yourself if you introduce disease/parasites to your Oscar because you fed it a sick fish. The risk definitely outweighs the reward. IMO, you shouldn't consider feeding your Oscar anything that is alive unless you are highly confident you aren't introducing disease/parasites.

Nutritional Value
What about when you are highly confident the fish you're going to feed your Oscar is free from disease and parasites? Then it becomes a matter of nutritional value. There are some fish you shouldn't feed to an Oscar for chemistry related reasons. If you're interested in learning about those types of things, you can begin your efforts by learning about the effects thiaminase has on Oscars. Goldfish contain thiaminase which is bad for Oscars.

What about feeding your Oscar disease, parasite and thiaminase free fish? Live fish shouldn't be the staple of your Oscar's diet. You could use them as an occasional treat but your Oscar will be better served by using the approach Northstar outlined....using a good pellet(s) as the foundation of its diet supplemented by treats like the ones he mentioned. IMO this site is literally the best place in the world with respect to learning about Oscar related dietary matters. This site contains many articles and threads related to how to provide great nutrition for your Oscar.

Like Northstar said, optimal dietary requirements vary based on your Oscar's age. How old is your Oscar?
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What to feed my oscar fish 8 months 1 week ago #71865

  • toom
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No feeder fish. Of course if you have several tanks yourself and you have something like unwanted fry it's an option to give them use but never do buy live fish from a store or use a wild bait fish from a local lake or river as feeder.
This is like playing russian routle. It can work several times while the chambers are empty but if not it's not unlikley to kill of your favourite fish or even your whole tank.

Also no mammal or bird meat. Fish can't digest that proteins propperly. The beef heart thing is originally a Discus thing and in this case it works only propperly on very high water temperatures.

Also don't feed reptiles or amphibians. First it's a local law thing. Many local ones around the World are endangered and it can be forbidden.
Another point is that it can be dangerous to your Oscars. For example a lizard or a frog like a mouse has tiny and pointy bones, claws and so on and can put a fight. Hurting your Cichlid, he even could choke on it or he got a internal plug by a bone.

Oscars nature is not that of a predatory fish hunter. They don't have the jaw or teeth for that unlike fishes like Cichla, Crenicichla or Parachromis, of course in the wild they eat more carnivore oriantated but there main food sources are things like snails, crayfish, shrimp, water insects or insects and beetles that got in the water by accident but they also eat fruit and alga or just plant materials.

In a fish tank the main diat shold be a mix out of some good quality pellets. I say mix because it can happen that a fish will get used to some kind of food so strongly that he will not touch something else and it will need weeks to get him to take something different.
So it is best to mix a bit.
Than we have frozen foods. I like it easy for big fish. I don't offer them special frozen fish foods but unprpared, uncooked and unspiced foods like shrimp, squid, mussle meat or even octupus.

Oscars are also very different. They all like the regular stuff but in alternative treats they are very different.

I had several Oscars and one was nuts for young frozen peas, his mate would not touch them. For that the other one loved banana and the other one would of course try to grab it out of greed but spitted it out after that so that the other one was able to eat it.
I had different Oscars that liked frozen and fresh fruits. Sweet clementines for example.
You need to test a bit around and you will find something your Oscar likes.

Other alternative foods are things like Koi foods. Gammarus for example, I offered sometimes sturgeon pellets and so on.
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What to feed my oscar fish 8 months 1 week ago #71888

  • Oscarmon
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Some other hobbyists have had luck with cucumbers as well as mealworms. I would recommend trying peas because my O likes them, but as toom said, he/she may not like them.

If you're considering live foods you could just breed some ghost shrimp or guppies for him. Just make sure they aren't sick like many of the store bought feeders are.

My feeding schedule is something like this:

Monday. NorthFin cichlid staple with NorthFin veggie pellets.

Tuesday. Some Hikari Cichlid staple along with one of the NorthFin staples.

Wed. Freeze dried bloodworms with NorthFin veggie pellets.

Thursday. Some peas before water change. Afterwards some NorthFin staple.

Friday-Sunday. "Pattern" continues.

Sometimes I'll change it up a bit by adding in a different food which seems to do the trick.
I would add in some live shrimp to bring out the "hunters instinct" within him though...
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What to feed my oscar fish 8 months 1 week ago #71891

  • Rob167
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i use Dr tims bene-fish-al powder, with various added grinders..peas..garlic..etc and make my own frozen squares.
i add mini hikari pellets to the cubes to help them float a bit, as well as add the nutrients of pellets.
loves it

one a week i only feel large hikari gold pellets

once a week freeze dried krill soaked in boyds

i skip wednesday
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