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TOPIC: Transfer trauma

Transfer trauma 11 months 1 week ago #71083

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So the mystery deepens. I had been doing 50% water changes weekly when they were in the 75 and consistently had nitrates around 40-80. Osmotic shock would explain everything but one silver dollar. Except now moved the 2 SD I had as canaries in the 75 back into the 90 yesterday afternoon. Same water temp and parameters. No signs of stress or illness. A few hours later one silver dollar started to isolate from the pack and then sink belly up not moving but still breathing. I moved it to the 75 and this evening is 100% back to normal. If it's silicone why are other silvers doing fine and my buddies tank having 0 problems with the exact same product? If it's the fish why recover when moved to another tank? Has to be something in the 90........
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Transfer trauma 11 months 1 week ago #71087

  • Ernie14
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Can you tell us your current stocking for each of the tanks, water parameters for each tank and what you are testing water with?
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Transfer trauma 11 months 1 week ago #71089

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I'm sorry for your loss of the Oscar and SDs

my pair of longfin Oscars who were the only inhabitants other than 3 snails.

If I'm reading your post correctly. you have two oscars in a 90 gallon? Then added SD without quarantining them first, running media in city water which confounded the problem very quickly killing off the beneficial bacteria causing your tank to go through a cycle.

I'm going to be the bearer of bad news in all of this. A 90 gallon is not large enough to house two Oscars long term. One Oscar with a few SDs is okay. Considering the tank was over stocked caused the problems to accelerate.

I would highly recommend to concentrate on the one Oscar. Do not get another Oscar unless you plan to upgrade to a 150 gallon tank for proper long term care.
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Transfer trauma 11 months 1 week ago #71102

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Is that one silver dollar still in the 75, or did you put it back in its original tank? How is it doing now?

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