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TOPIC: Pleco food?

Pleco food? 5 days 7 hours ago #72061

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My Oscars have been eating all my pleco wafers and the pleco has been forced to eat only algae and scraps from the Os. What food is to big for the Oscars that the pleco can eat? I read once that cucumber is pretty good but I wanted to hear your opinions.
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Pleco food? 5 days 6 hours ago #72062

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Cucumber is ok. Zucchini and squash are better. Some plecs will nosh on an apple core. Pleco also needs some natural wood in the tank to aid in digestion. To use solid foods, skewer the chunk on a fork and let it sit on bottom. Plec will get to it. Being more on the nocturnal side, plecos will forage at night. To keep Oscars away from pleco wafers, drop them in at dark when Oscars are sleeping or at least inactive.
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Pleco food? 5 days 6 hours ago #72063

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Cucumber is a waste to feed. It has 12 Kilo calories on 100 gramms. You need to eat a pound of cucumber to get the same calories as for a regular small Glas of Coca Cola.
If you want to feed fibers to your plecos try a in length sliced carrot.
After all many plecos are omnivore but basicly like fleshy stuff more. In nsture they go for bacterial lawns on slate rocks and for dead fish.
In your tank you can feed them a piece of shrimp, mussle meat or squid spiked on Spon or fork to sink it.

Also feed him at night while the Oscars sleep and try to feed plecos on the other side of the tank where the Oscars sleep.
They will learn with time where food will be odfered
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