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HUGE Oscar 8 months 1 week ago #71610

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I was watching this video and this guy has a 16.5" Oscar. It's at 16:20 do you think it's really that big?
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HUGE Oscar 8 months 1 week ago #71611

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Its possible I suppose, but more importantly, what I see is two large Oscars with significant erosion around the nostrils and face area, in a far too small of tank, and with full grown Silver Dollars to boot. This case, size doesn't matter, its the shoddy care that shows up most. One of the biggest exaggerations in the hobby is fish size. I have seen plenty of fish stated to be a certain size, and a simple eyeball of the aquarium proves wrong. There is a video somewhere of a giant Oscar in a 75g tank. Oscar takes up darn near the entire 18in width of the tank, no doubting the size of that one. I have had and still have Oscars well over a foot long. Those two there don't look any bigger than my biggest at 14in. Until you see a fish against a tape measure, or along the side of a tank that has a certain width, its all speculation.
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