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TOPIC: Fat/Oil content in fish foods

Fat/Oil content in fish foods 1 year 1 month ago #71169

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New member here, and first time posting. I love this group for info on fish foods. Thanks all!

One question I've not been able to find too much information on is recommendations on the fat/oil contents of commercial foods. In reviewing fish food labels, we generally see a fat/oil content of around the 5 - 8% level in most of the well known brands. Occasionally I come across a product with levels around 10%, or even as high as 15%. Interested to know of any recommendations on what we should be looking for, and how those recommendations might vary from juvis, to breeders, to adult display fish, and even fresh to marine fish.
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Fat/Oil content in fish foods 1 year 1 month ago #71170

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The general consensus is that up to 15% lipid content is acceptable. I don't agree with the "general consensus". Personally, I prefer foods much lower in fat content and look for a food with "crude fat" in the 5% ratio. Fatty liver disease is very real with the primary cause being excess fat in the diet. The issue, as with many things involving fish feed, is that studies associated with fish feed are almost exclusively conducted for the fish industry, i.e. folks with fish farms growing fish to be used for human consumption. Their goal is to pack on as much weight in as short a time as possible. It has nothing to do with long term health, which is our primary concern.

I would attempt to keep the fat content low regardless of fish age , species, or water type. What needs to be adjusted based upon these factors is protein content. Younger fish should have a higher protein diet. Older fish should not have as much protein. Some species need a higher protein diet than others.
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Fat/Oil content in fish foods 1 year 1 month ago #71171

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Is this not more an sub/tropical fish rule of thumb while cold water fish food is mostly very high on fat?

I remember especially sturgeon food that was very oily. Also cold water predators from Wels, pike, zander, pearch, eel that eat mostly white fish and keep over Winter a fat layer also should be ok with an higher fat content if they stay outside.
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