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TOPIC: Aqueon Pro Heaters

Aqueon Pro Heaters 5 months 3 weeks ago #71361

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Aqueon Pro heaters have a lifetime warranty from the Central Garden & Pet company....Aqueon's parent company. On Christmas day, after I finished managing my canister filter leak episode, I noticed the temperature in my convict cichlid tank seemed frigid. I normally keep the temp at 82*F in hopes to facilitate breeding (any feedback there is welcomed), but the temperature was at 72*F. The heater was powered on but the temperature sensor wasn't working properly or the internal switch to turn the heater on had a short. I noticed when I was messing with it, the light would momentarily flash "red" like it knew it needed to turn on but couldn't.

The next day, (Dec 26), I called Central Garden & Pet company's tech support to explain the situation. They were absolutely great. They said since I didn't have my receipt, they'd send me a replacement heater if I emailed the tech person with whom I was speaking a picture of the heater showing that I'd cut the power cord in half, they could see the heater's wattage rating, and provided them a shipping address.

I was out of town from 12/27 - ~9:30pm 12/29. When I came home, the replacement heater was sitting on the counter waiting for me.

I truly couldn't have asked for better service....kudo's to them.

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Aqueon Pro Heaters 5 months 3 weeks ago #71362

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I read on another forum of several failures in the same manner. Flashing red light, not heating. A problem of a certain batch, that the manufacturer identified and corrected. Everyone who posted problems also gave kudos for quick response and replacement. I don't have any Pro models, but the Aqueon heaters I do have run well and no probs as yet... 2-3yrs in.
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Aqueon Pro Heaters 5 months 2 weeks ago #71375

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Same experience here, with the same brand of heater about a year or two ago. IIRC, mine just stayed lit with a green light, but it wasn't doing anything. One call to central garden and pet and they mailed me out a new one. It's still sitting on a shelf since the standard glass aqueon I replaced it with is still going strong.

Same experience with United Pet Group in regards to a Marineland heater. It failed and had a lifetime warranty. One call to them and a new one was on it's way.. Again sitting on a shelf as a spare.

Lots of air pumps have lifetime warranties as well. Walmart's brand and PetSmarts "Top Fin" brand to name 2.

Save those receipts and bar code/box just in case! You'll never have to buy another.
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