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TOPIC: Kribensis

Kribensis 6 months 5 days ago #72045

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So....~ a year ago I bought a kribensis pair from Wet Spot Tropicals. Everything was great until about 2 months ago. For the preceding 10 months, the female would do her little mating dance for the male with no anxiety between them or with anyone else in the tank (tank mates are red tail shark and a shoal of tiger barbs).

Starting about ~2-3 months ago I noticed the male's tail was nipped up. While trying to get a better look at his tail, I noticed the female wasn't happy with the male. From that day, all I ever saw of them was her aggressively chasing him around the tank. He'd hide, she'd find him and it would start again. I thought about moving him but wasn't sure if they'd work through it or something along those lines. I noticed I hadn't seen him for ~a week. Yesterday I pulled everything out of the tank and he was nowhere to be found. I'm sure she killed him and the tiger barbs ate the carcass.

One thought is to get another male and see about giving it another try. I've also thought about getting a couple more females but have read having multiple female kribensis in the same tank is asking for similar problems.

The tank is 75g. Filtered by two Eheim 2215's. Lots of hiding places amongst the dense, fake vegetation and three different caves. Tankmates are a 3+" red tail shark. 15-16 tiger barbs ranging from 2.5" to 3/4 in length". The final fish is the 2.5" killer female kribensis. Weekly 95% water changes.

Any thoughts are welcomed!! Thanks!!
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Kribensis 6 months 5 days ago #72049

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Looks like you have yourself in a tough situation. I would add one more female and one more male. If the females hate the male then remove him and replace him with another. If the females keep rejecting the males then cycle through the first ones again. Maybe the females will forget meeting the first males and be peaceful...

As you can see I'm not familiar with breeding or this kind of fish. This is what I would attempt though.
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