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TOPIC: Texas Cichlids with Oscars?

Texas Cichlids with Oscars? 6 months 2 weeks ago #71999

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Has anyone had any luck keeping Texas cichlid's with Oscars, and if so tanks specs? I saw the picture of that nice looking Texas on the homepage and now I'm considering getting one.

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Texas Cichlids with Oscars? 6 months 2 weeks ago #72000

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An adult true Texas cichlid, H. Cyannoguttagus(sp?) can be a mean sob, and no Oscar can compete with one. What folks generally refer to as the Green Texas is the H.Carpintis, not really a Texas. Carpintis is a smaller, slightly milder fish, but still a mid aggression Central American fish, and could easily dominate an Oscar. All said and done, should a person be lucky enough to mix these fish, tank size would be a major player in compatibility. I wouldnt try it in any less than a 6x2x2 180g. Another tidbit of info.. the true Texas is somewhat of a cold water fish compared to the South American Oscar, as much as 15 degrees difference in their comfort zones.
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Texas Cichlids with Oscars? 6 months 1 week ago #72022

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6ft tank minimum. I kept H. cyanoguttatum with a single Oscar for around 3 and a half years. I found that the Tex was the alpha, and the Oscar submitted to him. As long as that was the plan, they got along fine. Every once in a while the tex had to put the Oscar in it's place but it wasn't often and didn't really amount to much. I agree that a 6x2x2 would be ideal for life, but a 125g didn't seem too bad as far as aggression. Nitrates however were a weekly issue that needed to be addressed. I was doing two water changes a week 75%ish, and then the next week I would do one 75% water change. And then 2, and then 1 and so on.

I think that it's vital that the Oscar be near adulthood, or an adult before introducing a carpintis or tex to the tank. If you get them at the same size it's almost inevitable doom for the Oscar. They are just big sissies (most of the time - See DMD's wild Oscar for an anomaly) when they are young, and sometimes even as adults.

My experience.
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