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TOPIC: Sick or not sick?

Sick or not sick? 1 month 1 week ago #70339

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Another way is a buffer like I use
It's a pain and can be dangerous if not done carefully.
I make 35 g in barrel then pump

My tap is 6 ph
Buffer over 8
Gh 15 in tank and matched in barrel before pumped

I use 3 tbs Epsom , 1.5tbs baking soda and .5 tsp marine salt
If you don't match you can put them into shock


I have two that had to be pulled as they get mauled.They have been in tap water only in a divided 29g for a year with no issues

Makes me wonder why I bother with buffer
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Sick or not sick? 1 month 1 week ago #70340

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I remember one year dad drove us from Windsor to Killarney Park. It felt like the trip took forever to get there. We made a stop over half way there.

He took us to Algonquin Park several times too. I remember going on the wolf howl one time and I'm glad I talked my dad into going. He didn't want to go at first but I told him I had a feeling tonight was going to be good. The first time around a pup answered back. After they allowed blocked traffic to get through which at that time my dad made a crack joke about it feeling like a Stephen's King movie. They tried again and the whole pack answered back the second time around.

You had to be still and listening to hear it but it was awesome :)

Rob: The reason I buffer is because the PH does not stay stable between water changes. It drops to 7.4 from 8.0 and I noticed that stresses the peacocks out but the Aceis could care less. That's when I started buffering.

Either I change the substrate in the tank to buffer the water correctly because one of the Aceis likes to dig. I caught the bigger one digging underneath the sponge filter and he got about three quarters down once. He sits on top of the gravel and uses his body to push all the gravel back. I can hear the small stones hitting the glass when he does it.

I am thinking of using a five gallon bucket to prepare the salts a few hours a head of time to make sure everything is dissolved before adding it in. The salts don't always dissolve before putting it in and I suspect this maybe the issue itself causing minor burns. It's crossed my mind a couple of times. I know I need to change the way I do things.

I'm curious about something. Isn't Epsom salt considered a laxative? I'm curious as to how they figured it was okay with South Africans to use with but would be considered a no no with other species of fish..... I'm just curious on how this got started.
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