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TOPIC: Does Dovii make a good pet?

Does Dovii make a good pet? 11 months 2 weeks ago #69884

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I have been thinking the same thing lately!
What happens to all of these little fish??
Good point about the largest tank they sell is 55G. The average shopper would likely pick up a tank at the same store as the fish.
I see PetSmart sell larger tanks. 75G and 125G.
So pricey though...
Most of my tanks are from Craigslist.
I bought 200G acrylic, 95G acrylic, 75G acrylic, free 45G acrylic for I'm sure less than the price of one of the setups at the pet store.
You have to make sure they function well, but I have not had any problems with them.
I see a lot of free tanks too.
A lot of people are concerned about how cost prohibitive it might be to upgrade the tank for their large fish, but there are very affordable options if you look around.
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Does Dovii make a good pet? 10 months 3 weeks ago #70097

  • waycool
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You could go with Jaguar cichlid or wolf cichlid but 200g is more than ideal for a devil I would not mix them though I just got a 175g tank and I conceder that big 200g is massive IMO. It may not be to some but my 175 makes my 65g look like a Nano tank LOL I wish I had the room for a 200g 175g was the biggest I could fit in my space. Hope it all works out for you what ever you decide.
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Does Dovii make a good pet? 10 months 3 weeks ago #70100

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Many disagree but Dovii is no propper ornamental fish exept you enjoy the splashings, atempts to brake the tank lid and attacking the reflection or hands.

Don't get me wrong, dovii is an great fish and if keeped under good conditions so that they don't become short and fat they are an nice species to keep BUT they look missplaced in anything under 10 x 3.5 feet if they hit the 17/18" especially because they are so super fast so that they even cross 10 feet long tanks in an blink of an eye.
We need to stop talking about the people as if they were the crown of creation.
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