Ocean Nutrition Spirulina Flake Food

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  • Spirulina and kelp staple flake food ideal for freshwater and marine fish
  • High in protein and vegetable content for herbivores
  • Spirulina flakes contain natural color enhancers and are rich in vitamins

Fortified herbivore food with high vegetable content. Premium ingredients include spirulina, kelp, fresh seafood, brine shrimp, PLUS vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and natural color enhancers. Highly digestible flakes stimulate coloration and fish immune system. For freshwater and marine fish.

Ingredients: Plant meals, spirulina, fish solubles, whole sardine, salmon fillets, lecithin, krill, kelp, brewer's yeast, salmon oil, mineral premix, vitamin premix, brine shrimp embryos, adult brine shrimp, carotenoid pigments, and preservatives.

Guaranteed Analysis
Moisture 7.0% max.
Protein 48.0% min.
Lipid 9.0% min.
Fiber 2.5% max.
Ash 8.0% max.


Ocean Nutrition Spirulina Flakes Review

by Kmuda


While there are many "Veggie Flake" foods on the market, look at their ingredient list. Almost exclusively, the first ingredient in these foods is "Fish Meal". Since the first ingredient is the primary content of the food, how can these be labeled as "Veggie Flakes". Not this one. Ocean Nutrition Spirulina Flakes are a true "Veggie Flake" with the primary ingredient being "Plant Meals" and Spirulina.

Ocean Nutrition is a trusted name in foods. You only have to review their ingredient list to know why and you only have to feed it to your fish to see the results. Their Spirulina Flakes is no exception. I feed this flake food to my Kissing Gourami, Red-Tailed Black Shark, Angelfish, Silver Dollars, and Community Fish, and even the Oscar steals a few flakes when I'm feeding the Silver Dollars. Without exception, it is accepted. The health benefits of Spirulina are well know and unlike other "Spirulina Flakes", this food actually contains a high percentage of Spirulina.

This is one of those foods that makes you feel good that you are feeding it to your fish.


  • Availability: Many of the chain stores carry Ocean Nutrition products, as will quality LFS's. It is also available at any of the quality online retailers.
  • Quality: Ocean Nutrition is a quality brand and this product is no exception, using all home-grown ingredients, not meals imported from China.
  • Ingredients: Imagine that..... a veggie flake that actually lists veggies and spirulina as the primary ingredients instead of fish meal and corn by-products. Ocean Nutritions approach is similiar to Omega One in that quality ingredients are the primary focus.
  • Health Benefits of Spirulina: The benefits of a diet rich in spirulina are well known. Improved coloration and increased disease resistence are amongst the proven benefits.
  • Texture:  One negative aspect to other Ocean Nutrition foods is that they are not firm flakes and are known to break apart into pieces too small for anything but guppy sized fish. Not so with their Spirulina flake. Its firm, crispy texture ensures it holds together well.
  • Cost: For such a high quality food, it is relatively low cost at around $3 for a 1.2oz container.


  • Container Size: I like to buy my food in the largest containers available. This food is only available in a 1.2oz size.