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Cobalt Contact Information:

Cobalt Aquatics

624 Wilkerson Road
Rockhill SC, 29730

phone (803) 591-9500
fax (215) 822-1906



Country: United States

Cobalt Aquatics Company Information:

Per the Cobalt Aquatics Website:

On April 26th, 2011 Viral Surati, Randy Parham and Les Wilson set off for the adventure of a lifetime. The three hardcore fishgeeks set off to create an aquatics company of their own. Based in the values instilled in them by mentors of company's past and lessons learned from a lifetime of fish keeping, Cobalt Aquatics and its sister brand Cobalt Pond were formed. Starting with a line of koi food proudly made in the USA and Equipment made in Italy, Cobalt Aquatics will always strive to bring the highest quality products to market.

Per Kmuda:

Obviously, there is a bit more to this story as this company came from nowhere, exploding onto the scene with products showing up on shelves across the country. There must be some serious financial backing to this company but its not readily available public information, if it's public at all. You have to give the guys credit. From nowhere to everywhere almost overnight. One hell of a business plan at work.

Regardless, there is more to these guys than just being fish geeks. One of the founding members, Les Wilson, spent 17 years with United Pet Group aquatics. He began his career with Marineland as an aquatic biologist, working in and then managing the aquatics lab. After eight years, he joined the marketing department as the product development manager. His final position was the Director of Marketing for the Equipment and Consumables group, responsible for the Marineland, Tetra, Instant Ocean, and Jungle brands and private label projects in those categories. Les personally spearheaded many of the projects you know today, including his favorites Marineland LED lighting, Bio-Spira Nitrifying bacteria, Corner flow tanks, and the Marineland Deep dimension aquariums. In May of 2011 he left UPG to start Cobalt International.

Shows why Marineland has gone downhill. All of the talent left after the United Pet Group purchase.

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