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Azoo Contact Information:

TEL: +886-2-26206298

FAX: +886-2-26206216

Website: Google Translated Site

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Country: Taiwan

Azoo Company Information:

Founded in 1997 by TAKIKONG CORP, a biotech company which at its initial foundings was a exporter of Marine Fish. TAKIKONG CORP has as a claim to fame the production of "the world's first Fully-Fluorescent Transgenic Fish TK-1" in 2001 and "the completion of the world’s first Muscle-Fluorescent Transgenic Albino Zebra Fish TK-2" in 2002. Azoo is the aquarium product arm of TAKIKONG but the appear to also be involved in producing food for every livestock animal imaginable.

As for aquarium products, Azoo is the Taiwanese version of Aqueon with products that run the gamet of the Aquarium hobby.


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