Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, Inc

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API Contact Information:

50 East Hamilton Street PO Box 218
Chalfont, Pennsylvania
18914, USA

phone (215) 822-8181
fax (215) 822-1906



Country: United States

API Company Information:

A subsidiary of Mars Fish Care (who also owns Rena and Aquarian), which is in turn, a subsidiary of Mars, Incorporated (same folks who make “Milky Way” candy bars). With $30 billion in annual sales, Mars, Incorporated is the 3rd largest privately owned company in the United States. Mars operates in six business segments in the U.S.: Chocolate (Hackettstown, New Jersey), Petcare (Franklin, Tennessee), Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company (Chicago, Illinois), Food (Los Angeles, California), Drinks (West Chester, Pennsylvania), and Symbioscience (Germantown, Maryland).

API was first incorporated in 1964 and ran as an independent company until purchased by Mars in February of 2003.

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